Open House Episode 1: Frankie Muniz

February 23, 2023

Open House is a new Trackhouse Production that catches up with individuals from the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment. They may be best known for their achievements or for their hit shows and songs, but there is a side of them that may not be as familiar—that's their love of cars and a connection to the sport of racing.

Open House will collide the familiar with the “I had no idea.”

The first episode featuring actor-turned-racer Frankie Muniz is hosted by Trackhouse owner/founder Justin Marks. Future installments will rotate hosting duties among Trackhouse team members.

Muniz cut his teeth in Hollywood as a child actor nominated for a number of Emmys and Golden Globes for hit movies and television shows. It was his role on Malcolm in the Middle that really put him on the map. But in 2004, everything changed, and he was invited to compete in a pro-am celebrity car race in Southern California, which he won. As Marks states, everything was different from that day on.


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