Trackhouse x Pitbull

April 29, 2023

As if having one of the most recognizable and beloved artists in the world as part of its team ownership group wasn’t enough, Trackhouse Racing team will now be a headlining part of team owner Pitbull’s music catalog. Literally.

The Grammy Award-winning superstar will release his latest album, “Trackhouse” internationally on July 7 – the title nod to the NASCAR Cup Series racing team and his indelible part of it. For this weekend’s race at Dover (Del.) Motor Speedway the team’s driver Daniel Suarez’ No. 99 Chevrolet will feature both the album cover – in “Trackhouse blue” against a cityscape of Pitbull’s hometown of Miami – along with sponsor, Freeway Insurance.

The Miami-based “Mr. Worldwide” – donning a Trackhouse racing cap – joined Trackhouse Entertainment Group founder and his race team ownership partner Justin Marks this week to officially announce the big news ahead of the album’s release. The ultimate mission, Pitbull reminded, “to promote positivity through the unifying love of music and sports.’’ 

For him, this connection is both natural and genuine.

“The whole initiative when we got together with Trackhouse was all about uniting people and creating an awareness for Trackhouse and also for the sport of NASCAR. I feel like music is a universal language, it unites it doesn’t divide and it’s the same way you utilize the race car and how everybody loves racing so you put them together and to me, that’s what it’s all about."


“How do we find different ways - unconventional, untraditional ways - to be able to create awareness, unite people and bring them out to the track so they have fun and enjoy, make them fall in love with Trackhouse on our journey how it’s been from nothing to something, the underdog mentality.

“It runs parallel to what’s happened in my career and what happened in the music industry to me. So it was a no-brainer.’’

Integrating NASCAR and specifically the Trackhouse Racing team with Pitbull’s success in the music industry created an immediate synergy between the two worlds. But certainly, this direct connection on this highly anticipated album raises the bar. And raising the bar is exactly what Trackhouse Racing has been doing since it entered NASCAR’s highest level nearly three years ago.

“This is real, this is all about our stories coming together. … This right here is about making history, generational, creating a legacy and having fun doing it with entertainment and putting the two stories together because they coincide,’’ Pitbull said. “It’s all about constantly fighting, proving everybody wrong, it’s that underdog mentality that nothing is something and that’s where it just all aligned.

“So crazy enough to be able to do it through music and the whole Trackhosue team does it on the track. What better way to create awareness for something like that. And everybody’s going to want to be involved with those that admit how hard it is to come out here and win. 

“Everybody tries to paint a pretty picture of how easy it is in this world of instant gratification, but we all know it’s all about hard work. You work hard to worker harder to work smarter to play the hardest. Welcome to Trackhouse.’’

Marks, considered one of the most innovative minds in the sport, sees this high-profile nod as exactly the kind of “synergy” that benefits all – music fans, racing fans and even the sport of NASCAR as a whole.

“Longterm success relies on constant evolution,’’ Marks said.

“As far as the sport goes, I hope everybody does these things, that we’re inspiring other teams, inspiring other tracks the sanctioning body itself to really re-think what the race experience is,’’ he continued. “This sport has so much competition in the American eco-system of entertainment right now, you have to constantly re-invent, push the boundaries right now. ‘’

“If we can, we can play a small part in getting other entities in the sport to look at themselves and start thinking what they can do to build their brands and build their engagements with their fans.’’

Justin Marks

Beyond the impact this first-of-its-kind headline collaboration of the racing and music industries, Marks and Pitbull have been perpetually adamant about the bigger picture, the wider scope. That’s what differentiates Trackhouse Racing.

“I am honored that one of the most influential and recognized artists in the world would be so proud of his association with us that he would name his album, “Trackhouse,” Marks said. “He shares the vision and passion for impacting lives of the under-represented. 

“We are creating and compelling a movement of positivity and possibility, using the platform and excitement of sports and music. With this album we are going to have the attention of a global demographic that is ready to be inspired into action for themselves, their families and their future.’’


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